Sunday, January 27, 2013

Adventure Runs in New Zealand

 Tom got me the best watch ever for my birthday 2 years ago.  Now you can see I have done 6 runs in New Zealand!

 A map of my runs in New Zealand so far.  1 in Hanmer Springs (see Adventure Run #1).  4 in Christchurch proper and Adventure run #2 (see next Picture).

Adventure Run #2 was Sunday the 28th.  A map of it on the Banks Peninsula is above.  The short version is:  it was super to run along the high ridge and see the whole peninsula.

The slightly longer version is that I ran out of water around Mile 10/11 at the top of Mt. Herbert (got water at the hut around mile 14).  Then Miles 12-14 were bushwacking through totally overgrown trail with attack bushes (they were crazy sharp) and it took way too long.  Then around Mile 14 you see I started to descend, but I was supposed to be on the other side of that ridge you can see as the other side is where Laura was waiting to pick me up.  Of course, as soon as I started to drop into the valley I had no cell service and realized the mistake way too late.  Luckily a family picked me up when I got to the road.  I think of them as my angels who took me to a service station where (a) I could reach Laura and (b) Laura could find me (see the post Flatmate Laura).  Laura was awesome.  The car company (we returned the car late) was awesome and I am one lucky girl who did a gorgeous adventure trail run.

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