Monday, August 18, 2014

12 Hours of Mesa Verde

 I had the good fortune to ride the 12 Hours of Mesa Verde race for the first time this year with my team --- Lonna Thelan and Krista Bohlen (Lamista) --- and the teams of Melissa McMartin and Stephanie Ward, and Jackie Eckenberg and Shannon Dunn.  This was a super great weekend.  It was all I had hoped it would be.  Lucky for me, I double booked and planned a symphony concert with my mom for mother's day in Denver the same weekend when there was a monster storm. 
So most of the group went in the Dunn Suburban.  To the left, all the bikes.  I am still amazed I made it to Denver, just in time, when we took the snow tires off the car.  Yet I made it!  Below, the start.  Andrea Bruder is more prominent, but I'm in there.  Thanks to Alison Dunlap, Steph Surch, Darius Rydahl, Andrea Bruder, Lindsey Watson, and the SRAM crew (Sarah, Jessie and others) for hanging out with us and making for a great day!

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