Thursday, October 17, 2013

Travels to Nova Scotia

 In August Tom and I went on an adventure to Nova Scotia.  Why Nova Scotia?  Well, hopefully the blog will speak for itself for how much fun we had.  However, we had a vacation planned, Iceland and Scotland were way more expensive and we realized that we had both always wanted to go to Nova Scotia.  So off we went...

First, thanks to my good friend Sara Faridi for helping with housing in Halifax!  Our first adventure was to explore Halifax and Tom could not stop talking about the fort.  Turns out there is good reason for this.  By far the best fort I have ever been to.  The history is fascinating and you should all go!
 This view is of a small island in the bay that includes fort elements.  Somewhere around there where the big explosion happened.  Destroyed Halifax and killed lots of people because they had all come to witness an event that turned into a very tragic event.
 The fort is in amazing condition and this expresses for me just how much fun this was for Tom!
 The fort gave me some good opportunities to play with my camera settings.  That is Tom exploring the inside of the fort. 
 There is an amazingly large moat that warrants wandering around, trying to climb the walls and exploring entrances. 

 They also do a demonstration with a real explosion of firing the old cannons.  The first one went well, but the second one we witnessed went not so well.  We watched all sorts of folks trying to figure out what went wrong.  We finally had to finally, but the failure was quite entertaining. 
 After the fort we headed out to Peggy's Cove and some exploration of the trails and surrounding terrain.  The rocks are fun and we have some good pictures from there.  The next blog is devoted to the second half of our trip --- the sea kayaking.

 Peggy's Cove was a great place to visit, but these photos hide the fact that there were large numbers of others around us.  Upside --- cool rocks.  Downside --- the entire world is there with you. 

This is the one photo I'll post from our run in the Peggy's Cove area.  The terrain was much like this for the entire run.  Rocks, lakes and vegetation.  It was fun, but more spectacular runs will be posted soon. 

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