Friday, August 30, 2013

Riding and Racing in Winter Park

 Tom and I went to join Stacee, Jess, Vivian, Matt, and Diane in Winter Park to ride.  Matt and I raced on Saturday while Jess and Stacee volunteered to make everything run smoothly.  Tom and Vivian went joy riding.
 On Sunday we went for a lovely ride in the rain.  O.k. it was wet and cold and we cut it a little short while still doing a rather serious ride.  Photos of the mud...
 Vivian and maps showing to illustrate Tom and Vivian feeling a bit lost on their joy ride...
 Me and the bike getting ready for the big Sunday mud ride.
 Tom is a consummate photographer. 

 We may be muddy, but we had a great time!
 No trip is complete without a dog who loves her belly to be rubbed and
 a dinner stop with Mom and Gerry at Pug Ryan's on the way home. 

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