Friday, August 30, 2013

Running Soda Creek/Green Lakes in Oregon

 I am really falling behind these days on the posts.  I'm still catching up with our final posts from Oregon. 

One day I will become some sort of consummate story teller.  In the mean time, here we go. 

The story of finding this trail will be in the next post.  Picking the right pictures for these posts is an eternal struggle.  This post has too many, but I already had a terrible time picking. 
 Lucky for us we did some river crossing early letting go of wet feet. 

 A series of panoramic pictures --- we are moving along the Soda Creek/Green Lakes loop.  Soon we have some good snow pictures --- still in July.
 As we neared the green lakes below, we were nearly out of water.  We were trying to ration... we each only brought one bottle on the trip.  Lucky for us, Tom noticed a couple with full camping gear, which meant a water filter.  They were kind and fun to talk to and loaned us their filter.  Such lovely water.

 Fun times in Green lake!

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