Friday, August 30, 2013


We were looking for new and good trail runs in the Bend area and we had driven past a store a few times with the name Runtopia.  I suggested to Tom that we stop into this running store to get suggestions.  When we arrived, we found a new shop under construction whose goal was to support runners, rather than a more traditional running store focused on gear.  They will have (probably already do since I am just that far behind on my blogs) an ice bath and cool full leg compression and ice "socks".  I'm really not doing it justice.  The idea is to bring to the public the recovery resources provided to the most elite runners in the world.  The space is lovely and to make things better they have taps for good bear and kambucha and an entertainment center to keep one occupied while recovering.

Best of all for us the owner was amazingly friendly and sent us on one of our top 10 (top 5??) trail runs of all time, the soda springs/green lakes loop (see the previous post).  Closed to bikes, amazingly beautiful, and entirely runable.  Check them out if you are in Bend, we will next time we are there for sure.

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