Sunday, September 16, 2012

My arrival in KC

I'm going to post multiple times over the next few days to get caught up on week 1 in Kansas City.  It seems easier to break up the days and post multiple times, than try to do it all in one post.

I arrived at Christopher Elbow Chocolates at 1819 McGee St. in Kansas City around 3pm.  By that time the first shift of the day had left and just a few folks remained.  The shop is closed on Mondays so I had to go to the alley and that's where the general manager Ethan met me.  I got a tour, got to try some chocolates (at various stages of construction --- more of this coming) and met Timmy and Betsy who were making molds at the time.

Soon after, Robert, whose house I am renting a room in, picked me up and took me to where I am staying.  It is near a couple of nice neighborhoods with good places to eat, so that is working out well for me.

I ventured out on a run, found some breakfast foods at a local shop and later went for dinner with the goal of being asleep by 9pm and earlier, if I could do it.  Why so early, I hear you asking --- I was put on the 6am - 2pm shift.  Yes, I get up at 4:30 am (earlier that first morning as I had to make sure I made various buses) to have enough time to get out of the house, ride my bike downtown and get to work by 6am.  Its a busy shop with a lot of production, so there are 2 shifts, 6am - 2pm and 10am - 6pm, split pretty evenly and then 1/2 work M-F and the other 1/2 T-S.  I'm 6am - 2pm M-F.  So if you call after 8pm right now, I am sure not to answer.

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