Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Capping and Molding

Yesterday I said something about molding this week --- turns out today was the day.  I can barely type, my arms and hands are so stiff from capping (puts the bottoms on the caramels) and molding (making the tops of the caramels).   I'll have to work on ways to hilariously describe the disaster that was me attempting to mold.  Mistakes, mistakes, mistakes.  The good news:

1. My last mold was not only good, the general manager called them, "delicate and consistent, just what we are looking for."  Yeah!  That was 1 of 8, and my last one.  At least I got it at the end --- after I had 2 full molds donated to the white chocolate scrap pile. 

2.  I capped 4 different molds today, in both dark and white chocolate, and feel confident I could largely do that unsupervised in the future.  I love independence.

3.  I am possibly going to be on TV capping chocolates.  I'll post a link if it happens.  They at least shot footage.  "Second week and [I'm] famous." (The production manager).

4. I completed a piece today that I had a hand in nearly every part of its production --- first one.  It was peanut praline.  I painted it, I helped finish the filling, I filled it, along with Timmy, and then I capped it.  The part I did not do (between painting and filling) was mold it (didn't know how to mold yet when that needed to be done).  I'm pretty excited about having been at all those stages on a single piece.  

Now my arms need a rest before tomorrow. 

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