Friday, September 21, 2012

Painting by myself

Today was the first day I did something by myself that was not cutting ganache!  We needed lots of painting and molding done and there was no way I could mold by myself (others have said that it took many months before they felt comfortable with that), so painting it was.  All by myself --- o.k. the first time the paint sprayer stopped working for me, I failed to troubleshoot by myself.  However, I prepped everything for the second mold (got the cocoa butter to the right temp, fully set up the sprayer, etc) by myself and when I had to troubleshoot the sprayer the second time, I successfully fixed it on my own.

When the new fall flavors come out on October 1, if anyone wants advice about what is good, let me know.  Same for the holiday collection.  I have some strong opinions and I think I've tried them all now --- both before they are fully finished and after.

I took an extra shift on Sunday since it is my last week to practice.  So tonight I'm taking myself out to dinner on my only night where I don't have to get up crazy early the next morning.  

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