Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I'm Famous!

KMBC, a local Kansas City news station filmed while I was at Elbow Chocolates and I found the video today.  Go to http://www.kmbc.com/ and scroll down until you see, on the left hand side, Kansas City Pride: Christopher Elbow Chocolates.  I am working on getting more permanent/stable link to it. 

Around 1:32 you see a hand with a mold putting chocolate on it and scraping --- that is me.  Then about 1:44 you see me prepping the caramels to be capped.  I am making sure there is no caramel stuck to the sides or sticking up in the middle (happens often when you are filling and then the capper has to scrape it off and/or tap it down as appropriate). 

Some more helpful info.  The first thing you see (around 0:40) is Timmy making a frame --- he is forming the thin layer of tempered chocolate that forms the bottom of the ganache.  I had planned to post about this tomorrow, and still will.  Then Timmy and Ethan are enrobing the ganache and putting the transfer sheet on (the markings on the tops so you know which ones are which and it is part of the art).  After the scenes with me, you see Betsy and Dana cutting ganache (pictures of me doing this are forthcoming ---  I have to keep you coming back somehow.)

Any questions?  Let me know.

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