Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Participating in every step of the process

By the time I left, I helped, at least a little, with every step of the process for both the ganache pieces and the molded chocolates/caramels.  I’ve written about most of the steps (cutting ganache, painting, molding, filling, capping), but finally made the frames and enrobed and used the transfer sheet (these are the first two things you see in the video).  I was pretty terrible at putting the thin layer of tempered chocolate on the pate de fruit, but everyone was amazed at my first attempt to make the thin layer and frame build for the pure chocolate ganache (the first real thing you see in the video).  Now I just have to decide how I want to do frames and cutting at home.  My smaller process needs more affordable ways of doing all this.   Regardless, I'm really glad I got to work at every stage and not just so I would know how to do them but because it is in doing every step that you appreciate what can go wrong and what the needs are of the next step. 

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