Thursday, April 18, 2013

Fox Glacier...

...I have Mom's photo for the Christmas card this year!

I won't put mom's age in the blog, but this is pretty cool.  I have a pile of photos from my adventure on the Fox Glacier with Mom and Jerry and I'll just include a smattering.  It is tough to pick and choose...

We had some great views of Mt. Tasman and the full glacier (left) as well as the front end of the glacier (right).

 Mom says she is not fond of heights, but she was a star as we navigated our way over the cliff on the steps on the right. 

The hike onto the glacier looks quite steep from this angle (left)!

We also all had a good chance to pose with the ice axe (right). 

Many features everywhere including  moulin and crevasses...

These glaciers recycle and grow and move really fast.  The front of the glacier is only about 60 years old, but overall it is shrinking, but then again it grows a bunch.  

...including ones they packed up a bit so we can walk through them and a wee ice cave. 

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