Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Old Ghost Road

 I just love signs like this.  Rocks, cyclist off bike and flying. 

Last day of fun on the West Coast we did a 52km ride on the new "old ghost road."  This is a trail following more mining history and designed for mountain bikes.  It was a bit monotonous, until we hit the ridge line, but still super. 
 Signs we are reaching the bush line --- Alex called them "Dr. Seuss trees."  Absolutely.  I need to look up their proper name.
One of the big scanning photos with Alex in it. She's in the photo below too, if you look close enough.  We were pretty excited to reach part of the trail above bush line. 

 We hit a beautiful spot to hang out, eat some chocolate and head back down.  We knew the end of the trail was not too far away, but thought it was a bit further away down the road.  Alex headed down and I went investigating.  It was literally just around the corner --- less than 1 km from our hang out.
 I just had to take, yet another picture of a great New Zealand sign --- just before the rock falling picture...

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