Monday, April 29, 2013

Made it to Tasmania

In my early days in New Zealand, I had the good fortune of attending two conferences, one in Tongariro National Park, titled "Doom," and one at the University of Canterbury's field station in Cass (near Arthur's pass).  There are longer blog posts about fun had at both of those, but the relevance here is that I had the chance to talk with Barbara Holland at those conferences and that lead to me arranging to spend a week in Hobart, Tasmania visiting Barbara and her colleagues Jeremy Sumner and Peter Jarvis and others.  Thus my next few posts will be about the fabulous time I'm having here.  

Below is the view from the deck on the house where I am staying.  Barbara, Karen and Wilbur have graciously welcomed me into their home.  Wilbur is the star of these photos, although Barbara makes a supporting appearance in this first one on the right. 
 Wilbur and I went for the run shown below this morning.  It is a super 5km we can run from the house along the water on trails and beach.  The fall light with the water breaking and the birds makes for an extraordinary run.  I definitely need to take the camera one morning...

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