Monday, April 29, 2013

Shoe Sacrifice 2

It seems I've fallen a bit behind.  This is both a function of not doing much besides work and a function of getting wrapped up in mathematics, hanging out with my Mom and traveling to Tasmania.
The first weekend I spent with Mom and Jerry, we parted ways in Wanaka, but before I left I went for a fantastic morning run along the lake. It was here that I found a place for the Sauconys.  They lived a good NZ life, but the Ballroom Overhang day with the many river crossings did them in and it was time (look closely to see the large hole and general shredding around it --- there is a matching one on the other shoe). 
 Their final resting place is out on point along the lake.  

 The fall light and low clouds made for a particularly beautiful run and just the right moment for a shoe sacrifice.  

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