Thursday, April 4, 2013

Mountain Biking in Reefton

 Alex (photo above) and I headed to the West Coast of New Zealand for some Easter Mountain Biking.  Near the top of our first big hill climb we had a great view of the whole of Reefton (where we camped, above) and one of the local coal processing areas below. 
 Mining plays a big role on the west coast.  I got all kinds of good stories from Alex during our adventures. Like the one about the 6000 snails that are a unique species (biologists chime in here) that are being "temporarily" stored while Solid Energy does some mountain top removal coal mining. 
 Once we hit the top of the hill there was no trail where we expected there to be one.  We eventually found a break in the bush and decided to check it out.  This picture of Alex's bike --- she was off doing reconnasaince does not show how steep, narrow and not ridable this trail is.  After plenty of hike-a-bike, we did find the trail we were looking for --- or so we thought...
 Turns out we were on a new trail for a while, in places not fully constructed, but in others it was great!
Finally we found the trail we planned on riding, which was a fabulous downhill leading to the suspension bridge.  Good entertainment walking a bike across the bridge.

Plenty of mud had by all.  Great day out.

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