Thursday, February 21, 2013

Castle Hill and the Cave Stream

Near the Cass Field Station is a rather large (by cave standards) cave with a river flowing through it and you can hike upstream through the cave.  The toughest part is being chest deep in rather cold water as you enter the cave, but then it is just over your ankles most of the rest of the way.  Very fun, but I failed to take photos.  I'll work on getting some from a friend.

Afterward a few of us went over to Castle Hill to do some hiking and bouldering.

 Andreas and Michael lounging after completing some boulder problems.
 Below, I am feeling very pleased with myself for boulder problem 3 of the day in borrowed and rather uncomfortable shoes.  That's Olivier, my spotter, at the bottom of the climb --- nice problem involving stemming, some holes and a little crack climbing.  Rather smooth rock at Castle Hill.

Olivier and Andreas and some of the bigger boulders.
Castle Hill bouldering area from the hill above (Olivier, Andreas and I went for a hike). 

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