Friday, February 22, 2013

Craigieburn --- First MTB in NZ

Feb 17-22 I was with a group of other mathematicians at the University of Canterbury, Cass Field Station.  The station is not far from Arthur's Pass where I did the Avalanche Peak Challenge.  So the plan was to go up early to for the challenge (see earlier posts) and then bike over to the station (Mike Steel --- my NZ host --- had most of my stuff in his car) on Feb. 17.  Great plan!  Then during the week, the plan was to do mathematics and adventures.  Apparently, when the weather is bad, more mathematics gets done and less adventuring.  But when the weather is good, like we had all week, more adventuring happens than mathematics (although I've solved a problem since my return!).

Day 1 I got a lift to the start of the Craigieburn ski road.  This starts my first MTB ride in NZ!  

The look back down the Craigieburn ski road.  Great Ride.
 The trip up was a road that is closed in the summer --- open in the winter to go skiing.
The look up the road to the ski area from the same spot.

The Craigieburn ticket office.  A sign I am almost at the top!  A solid climb.  For the prices, the services are quite limited.

The Craigieburn ski area!  A collection of tows in avalanche country.  So different!

My attempt at a self portrait.  In a few of the attempts I made it around, but the funny part is that this was the best of the photos. :)

The trail I'm headed down. The views end soon after this, but for one spot, but the ride is super fun.  A few very exposed spots on scree --- the view you see was easy and mild in comparison.  Still a good ride for my first MTB in New Zealand.

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