Monday, February 25, 2013

Hogs Back Trail ---- MTB number 2

I'm still catching up from my week at the Cass field station.  Good because you get interesting posts while my day to day is go to work, try to do math, repeat.   On Feb 23, there was a MTB race in the Castle Hill/Craigieburn area, but basically all downhill so I decided not to do it and to ride the full trail in the opposite direction on my own.  The trail works both ways (except one section I had done the day before) and was SUPER fantastic.  They have some excellent trail builders here.  I also learned to use the panoramic feature on my new camera.  It helps give a sense of the experience and views on this trail.  Later I was whipping downhill on sweet single track in the trees.  No pictures of that.

 In the distance you can see Castle Hill Village where I started. 
 I could be riding horses in Lord of the Rings trying to get somewhere, but thankfully I'm on the trusty Spot.

A view down the gully I just chugged up. 

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