Thursday, February 28, 2013

Cass Lagoon Trail

 Last week (Feb 21) I completed the Cass-Lagoon Loop.  One of the best actual runs I've done.  The loop was really running plus some great views.  A view right at the start of 33 km. 
 The view into the valley as I passed over the first (Lagoon) of two saddles.  Early in the run.  Feeling good. 

 Great moment in the run!  A cool bridge, but more importantly the marker of a turn that was psychologically quite important. 
There are a number of warnings on this run about avalanches.  Of course, this time of year it is not an issue, but here is one of paths --- lots of these around.  They are kind of a dime a dozen...

Views of the second (Cass) saddle.  The one to the left is the view back down the valley I had climbed up to reach the saddle above.  Mike Steel (person I came to work with) said he would head up in the opposite direction to meet me at the Cass saddle (above).  I cleared the saddle and no Mike.  I was a little sad, it was getting late.  But then, just above the Cass hut, I ran into Mike!  At the time it was great, but I had no idea how great.  Around this time, my heal was disintegrating and I was getting really tired.  After we descended for a while we were in the riverbed for quite a long time and we were losing light.  Fortunately, Mike was leading and he knew his way through the riverbed.  Many many crossings.  I would have wandered lost with it getting dark had he not met me.  But he did, we made good time and got out before it was totally dark and the whole run was awesome!! All thanks to Mike.  Even better we returned to a great dinner coordinated by Jessica Leigh (awesome cook who is work on evolutionary bioinformatics at the University of Otago). 

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