Thursday, February 14, 2013

New Camera, Peak Challenge and Cass Field Station

I'm headed to Arthur's Pass today as Mike Steel (my host at Canterbury), myself and Michael Matschiner (also a math/bio person whom I have not yet met) are doing the Avalanche Peak Challenge tomorrow (  Then on Sunday, I'll ride my bike 25 km from Arthur's pass over to the University of Canterbury's Cass Field Station.  My impression is that it is a larger version of the CC cabin.  I'll be there for a week with a group of math, bio and mathbio folks.  Crazy.  Should be some good photos from all this fun. I finally got my new camera.  Here is a photo of my flatmate Laura, her most excellent mother Jan (She brought me the camera and bike parts!) and Tom, who is the husband of Maree and they own the house.  He is usually in Sydney, but was home visiting Maree.

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