Thursday, May 23, 2013

Fun at Home --- Durango, May 2013

 I am lucky.  Or maybe just blessed, or some combination of those plus some other good qualities.  I was gone for 4 months and when Tom realized we had 3 found days (he was supposed to have to work, but it got canceled, etc.) we  ran off to Durango for some riding. 
 A little adventure at Horse Gulch on the first and last days.
 And loads of riding in "Phil's World."  That is some good riding.  For me it is just enough challenge to be interesting and "flowy" enough to be incredibly fun.  I know some folks who might think it is not technical enough, but I got lots of good pedaling.

Best part was the green lizards just after the sign that said, "green lizard."

 What I am really hoping for is some folks to contrast this landscape of junipers and rocks with the photos from New Zealand.  Both are amazing and spectacular in their own ways, but what really gets me is how amazingly different they are.  (Tom told me to try to show off my muscles...)
 An attempt at a self portrait.
 Tom and the rocks.  Looking for equal time here...

 Tom and I have found that our favorite pictures are with trail signs.  So here you see, Tom, the Spot, the Black Sheep and the Horse Gulch trail map.  Below, a panoramic view out at Phil's World.  I think we are on the Stinky Springs Return for the panoramic shot.  This definitely makes me want to participate in 12 hours of Mesa Verde next year!

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