Sunday, May 12, 2013

Running in Wollongong

 Anyone who reads the blog regularly might note that I did not include this under the title "Fun in Wollongong."  Running is always fun, but typically me, I turned a totally reasonable event into a ridiculous adventure.   The map I looked at with Jodie suggested that the best way to access the hill trails near their house was via the Rhododendron Park, but that was a bunch of crazy overgrown trails that looked like the picture to the left.

Then there were the nettles (stung until the next day!)
 And then I'd find signs like this one, suggesting a gate to a trail linking to those that went up the hill.  HA! Silly girl. 
 I did get to see 2 kookaburra's, a kangaroo, and two dark brown birds with orange circles on their heads that were the shape of a cockatoos/parrot, but weren't --- still don't know what they were.  Of course, around town I saw lots of cockatoos, including a mass migration from "town" to the "bush" as I returned to the house. 

Long story short, I eventually left the park after about an hour and had the idea to head down the road a bit where I found a trail head for all the trails --- good ones --- up in the hills.  Since I didn't feel like I had ran much, I took off to do about 10 km in the hills.  Good idea, but I gave my hosts a bit of a fright as I was out for much longer than planned by any of us.  Fortunately, I had told them about my first run in NZ and they figured something like that had happened and I would be back before dark.  I was. 

This photo has the same lighthouse in it as a photo from my other Wollongong post.  Cool to see it from such different locations. 

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