Saturday, May 11, 2013

Fun in Wollongong

 It is simply fun to say, Wollongong.  Thanks to the Spark family for hosting me!  Day one was a short tour of Sydney with a trip up their version of a "sky tower."  All things are more fun with a 3.25 and 6 year old.  These two are particularly great and made everything more fun!

Day two "the girls" went for a beach walk to the playground and then played in the tide pools.  I am a huge fan of tide pools --- they make me feel like I'm 4 again and I never miss the opportunity. Exploring the pools with a near 4 year-old made it that much more special.  Crabs, fish, tons of snails a sea urchin and some bright purple plants/animals I could not identify. 

Above is one of the many "swimming pools" they have along the beaches near Wollongong.  Full of  ocean water, but with some structure so you can swim laps without waves.  Very cool idea.  Below is just a nice shot of the head where we walked to for our morning adventure. 

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