Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Running to work

Turns out that there is a mountain with good trails between Barbara's house and the University of Tasmania, but I just had to do the beach run on my not way there, one last time...
 In keeping with crazy runs while abroad, I got started, weather looked like it was clearing up so I did not bring a rain jacket.  Silly me.  Ended up back at the house, getting better clothes and then continuing on. 

The trail up Mt. Nelson.  Amazing that most of the native trees around Hobart are eucalyptus of one kind or another.  This photo does not do it justice.

I took a pile of photos from the top of Mt. Nelson, these are just two.  Great view of the city to the right.
A view of the university as I finished my run.  I got to run the house to campus trip over Mt. Nelson twice and finished on Friday with a mountain bike ride.  Thanks to Karen for use of her bike and Vic for being a fantastic guide!  I only had one near endo, flats do have their advantages.

Thanks to the Hobart crew for an outstanding trip and I am definitely looking forward to a return trip!

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