Saturday, May 18, 2013

Last Run in the Port Hills

 On Wednesday, I went on my last run (for now!) in the Port Hills on the South side of Christchurch.  Mike Steel met me a a local coffee shop and off we went. 
 We went out on a ridge between Lyttelton and Governor's Bay.  The picture of me was meant to have mountains in the background, but they did not come out in the photo.  O well.  The photo of Mike in the "bath" rock with Lyttelton in the background came out a bit better as did the photo of the ridge we ran.  Mike did a great job with this run, we did a boulder problem to get started and then worked our way to this ridge, climbing over 3 fences (2 on the way out and one on the way back) and there was only the faintest of trails as we navigated this rocky ridge.  Would not be a proper run with Mike, without these.

I realized recently that while I'm now home from New Zealand (arrived in the middle of the night Thursday), that does not mean I won't continue to go on fun outdoor adventures or have new chocolate adventures and I'm thinking about making meat pies.  All good stories to tell on the blog.  Plus, then I can still imagine I am on sabbatical.  The posts are likely to slow down, but not stop. 

Stay tuned. 

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