Sunday, May 12, 2013

Last Ride in NZ

 Yesterday, I ran in the Port Hills and ran into Mike Steel.  It was a great day to be out running.  Today, I met up with Alex and Berit to ride up Mt. Pleasant to reach the Greenwood trail, then work our way over to Godley head to finish on the Anaconda trail down to Taylor's mistake (never gets old).  Having Berit and Alex as entertainment made the slog up Mt. Pleasant road bearable, and the reward of Greenwood and Anaconda made it all worth it!

Before we started Alex listed all the mechanicals she might have on this trip --- the list was long.  We all laughed.  Then, we had mechanical round 1.  Broken chain --- not on the list.  Gave me the chance to take the nice panorama photo below.

Shortly after that we had broken chain #2 and wondered if Alex would be able to finish the ride.  But she shifted conservatively and we made it all the way to get these spectacular views of Taylor's mistake (nope, still not old).  Blue sparkling water.  It is May and there is snow on the tops of the mountains, but these photos make it feel like summer. 

 War zone?  On my way home from the MTB ride I passed this building in downtown, I had not seen before. 

And then in the park...Ahhhh Fall.

Somehow last December/January, heading to summer in Christchurch made sense to me and sounded like fun.  However, as fall settles in here, it seems quite odd to me to be returning to summer.  Why is that?

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