Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Easter in New Zealand

I have yet to meet anyone here, besides my flatmate from Hungary, who is at all religious in any meaningful way.  Of course, I really only know the University crowd, but still.  However, Easter is a big deal.  I think it is simply because people get BOTH Friday and Monday (and in some cases Tuesday, or even a nearly 3 week holiday in the case of parts of the University) off from work/school, and thus marks the big fall holiday.  Still, I find Easter as the focus of a relatively secular population, fascinating.  The lunch talk at work is, "What are you doing for Easter?" and when I went riding with some women a few weeks ago it was also topic of conversation.

I'm headed to Kaikoura tomorrow night to see whales and run a loop that includes a summit of Mt. Fyffe (see runs Mike has listed, it is the first one) on Friday for my "Easter fun."  This will test my new shoes on a scree field. I'll report back (see the post Shoes for pictures of the results of 2 scree fields on the old shoes).  I hope to mountain bike some new trails (for me) in the Port Hills on Saturday or Sunday and maybe prove a theorem or two.  I have some ideas brewing. 

What are you doing for your Easter fun?

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