Monday, March 25, 2013

Mt Somers

We did not circumnavigate Mt. Sommers (short on time and the weather was rather pear shaped --- practicing my kiwi/british), but rather did an amazing loop of the Rhyolite Ridge to Mt. Sommers South face to the Miners trail.

Here I am nearing the top of the Rhyolite Ridge.  You can see the mists.  What the pictures don't show is the phase where we could see clouds pushing into one valley causing all the gorges to steam making new clouds before our eyes. 

Tom posing and then running toward our first big gorge. 

We almost gave up as it was drizzling when we started.  The trail was super wet --- small stream like.  The resulting run was super with a new rock feature, gorge, raging creek around nearly every corner.    
 I tried to get Tom in the panorama below, but even if I did, I don't think you can see him...

 There were many amazing rock features and gorges on our run --- one of which someone has actually labeled as the "bus stop".

The panorama below it an attempt to show some of the amazing features on the run.  We crossed over most of this moving from right to left down to the river valley you see (look closely and you can see a hut --- we passed by) and then back up the ridge on the left to where I am taking the picture. 

On the way out we found lots of abandoned mining equipment (and some signs to go with it), which was fun,  This, of course, explains the name of the trail (miner's trail).


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