Sunday, March 24, 2013

Procrastination --- Tom's visit Continued

I am officially procrastinating.  Stuck on trying to figure out how to prove I have a complete intersection and waiting for a computation to finish, I thought I would catch up a bit more on Tom's visit to NZ.  The noise from the guys changing out the windows in the house I'm staying in (I have "home" duty today to babysit them) is not helping my focus. 

Tom and I have (wisely, we think) taken to taking pictures of restaurants and hotels we are particularly happy we found.  In Wanaka, we found a pub with great beer --- the Wanaka Breweries Brewski, an excellent pilsner --- and food that is fabulous and not crazy expensive (by NZ standards).

How do we not take a picture of such a great fish.  This is somewhere between Wanaka and Lake Tekapo (bathroom stop).

Then we made a stop at the hot springs pools in Lake Tekapo.  We were happily there all by ourselves --- just missed a Japanese tour group.

Lake Tekapo (below) --- the picture does not do the color of the lake justice.  It is a crazy tourquoise color from the sediments suspended in the water. 

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