Sunday, March 10, 2013

Weekend Fun

Yesterday (Saturday) I went mountain biking in the Port Hills (the hills full of great trails on the South side of Christchurch) with 3 lovely women --- Alex, Barret and Maaike.  Yeah!  I've been missing riding with cool women.  It has become so easy to do at home!   I met Alex in the math department here and she coordinated it.  I had such a great time, I hope they invite me again. 

Today, I ran what Mike calls the "Sumner Heads" with Mike.  Its a great loop starting and finishing in Sumner.  I got to pass through Taylor's Mistake again, but this time was alert and happy and running pretty fast as opposed to when I did it at the end of the crater rim run. 

Tom arrives on Tuesday.  Yippeeee!  I probably won't take my computer on our excursions so the posts will die down for a while, but then I'll have lots to share when I return. 

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