Monday, March 25, 2013

Shoe Sacrafice

Tom and I (mostly Tom, but I was a witness to it) now have a history of leaving spent running shoes in foreign countries, in interesting places.  The first time was a pair from each of us, in a hotel in Chile --- not that interesting.

The second time was also in Chile after the Torres del Paine run.  There we hung them on a tree at the start/finish of our run.
The third time was at the end of our Mt. Somers Run.  Perfect time.  The run was beautiful.  Tom's second to last run in New Zealand, the shoes were in terrible shape and sopping wet.  It is a bit tough to see here, but if you look closely you will see a Wanaka Brewery Pilsner in Tom's hand and a dead pair of Roclites hanging from the bridge.  Perfect finish to our excursions. 

P.S. The camera battery had informed us before this that it was dead, but I coaxed this one last picture out of it and it started raining pretty hard again just as I clicked the photo and we ran to the car.  

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