Friday, March 22, 2013

Milford Sound (really Fjord)

The beginning of the drive to Milford Sound.  The drive is pretty amazing with the craziest tunnel I have ever driven through.  See those clouds?  They are the ones that poured on us when we got to the trail head for the Gertrude valley and saddle --- the biggest run we had planned.  It was socked in and was the one thing rain destroyed for us.  I've been here for more than 6 weeks with sunny days and we had 4 days of rain or drizzle and low clouds in Tom's short visit.  That's weather in New Zealand for you. 

Tom with his finger in the fjord --- a mix of the Tasman Sea and fresh water that tumbles off of the surrounding mountains.    Our first pictures of the sound with Mitre Peak approximately in the center. 

The next morning as the clouds lifted a little we could see the glacier on the right and we headed out to kayak the entire length of the fjord.  As the experience was presented to us, we were both worried about being the weak link.  Lets just say that out of the 3 pairs of tourists we were absolutely not the weak link. 

Jeff the seagull.  Apparently he has been fed enough times by this kayaking group that he appears each morning looking for food. 
We kayaked under that waterfall --- or as much as we could.  While it managed to rain the day before it has actually been really dry in New Zealand and we are told that the waterfalls were quite low.  Still loads of fun.  We saw tons of bright orange star fish and loads of fur seals doing their morning swim and grooming. 

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