Saturday, March 23, 2013

West Matukituki Valley

 At some point I had to admit to Tom that I just like saying Matukituki.  Another rainy day.  I think I mentioned that it had been sunny for almost my entire trip to New Zealand and then we had 2 days of heavy rain and 3 of low clouds and drizzle.  This was another day where we thought about giving up on the planned adventure and then decided to at least drive to the trail head up the Matukituki Valley (yes, I like typing it too).  The drive up the valley alone was worth the trip, including the two sheep herds we ran into. 
 It was fascinating to watch the dogs herding the sheep into this new pen since there was a puddle from all the rain and the sheep have no idea how deep it is.  They absolutely refused to enter the puddle until the dogs pushed the back enough that pressure forced the front into the puddle. 
The dogs pushing
nearly done
A second round of sheep on the road
All done and piled up to go

Tom on the bridge
 We decided to run up the Rob Roy Valley despite the low clouds.  We were rewarded with a swing bridge and views to come. 
Me on the bridge (proves we were in NZ together)

The Rob Roy Glacier

Tom in the glacier river 1
Tom glacier river 2

Tom glacier river 3
Tom glacier river 6

Tom glacier river 4
Tom glacier river 5

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